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I join forces with designers helping them bring their designs to life, building modern, user-friendly WordPress themes, with the strong focus on performance.

Testimonials from my previous clients:

“Jason was great understood my vision for the site and implemented everything I needed.” – Rudy Gavrilov

“I have worked with over 20 different developers and this guy was by far the best I have ever worked with, the BEST.” – Josh Thompson

“Absolutely hiring Jason again.” – Todd Heslin

My Process:

In my development process, I use Roots suite (Trellis, Bedrock, Sage). Roots provide modern development tools, and give the following advantages to your projects:

  • LEMP stack on a virtual machine for local development to simulate a production environment.
  • Better WordPress project structure and dependency management with Composer.
  • Advanced front-end workflow with Webpack and DRY templates with Laravel’s Blade engine to build better WordPress sites faster.

If you care about providing excellent user experience and fast load times and you’re willing to invest in a modern WordPress website, then I’d love to help you.

Drop me a line using the button below and I’ll get back to you ASAP.


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